Club Mac Meetings 2005

February Omnipage OCR application presented by Derek Austin.
March 4D database software
April Vectorworks CAD applicationpresented by Julian Carr.
May OS X 10.4 Tiger presented by Ben Morgan fom AppleCentre Taylor Sq.
June Andrew Shipton from AppleCentre Chatswood told us about Mactel and iWorks
July Michael Stoddard from Adobe demo'd the new Creative Suite 2
August Marcus Annett from Apple talked about iLife, QT Pro, recent hardware....
September Margaret from Jam Software makers of the legendary Smart Alarms came along to present their latest offering.
October Richard Vowles from Unwired spoke about wireless internet
November Glen Horner from Apple told us about iTunes 6, the iTunes Music Store opening in Australia and the video iPod.

This was our traditional end of year Pizza night. Adam Connor from Total Recall Solutions North Sydney was the featured speaker, talking about dealing with Apple's Help line and demoing the latest iMac G5 release.

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