2012 Meeting Dates and Topics

February 8th Chris Sundstrom will look at TeX which among other things can be used to typeset maths formulae
March 14th We will look at features of the "New iPad" and view some of the event from last week. We will also look at Photoshop Touch on iPad. Depending on time, we may look at features of Mountain Lion and perhaps look at iPhoto for iPad.
April 11th using an iPad as an external monitor on a MacBook, Aperture vs iPhoto, Migrating from Mobile Me to iCloud (or other Synch services)
May 9th We will look at iCloud and then compare iPhoto and Aperture
June 13th New releases of Apple Laptops, Mountain Lion features and IOS6
July 11th We discussed a variety of topics
August 8th Michael Stoddart from Adobe, presented CS6 and the Creative Cloud
September 12th David Head, Systems Engineer, FileMaker Inc. will be talking about features and new features
October 10th (AGM) iPhone 5
November 14th We'll have the new iPad 4 with Retina Display, to see, touch,feel...
December 12th (Pizza!) Peter Barker who looks after publications at Riverview has offered his services to do a presentation on iBooks Author