2011 Meeting Dates and Topics

February 9th Intaglio, iDVD, and some humorous videos
March 9th

iPad2, including demos of how to use iMovie and GarageBand on the iPad2
Free and useful software on your Mac

April 13th Bruce McKay will look at Office 2011, some online tutorials on Office 2011, some aspects of iOS 4.3 (in particular the new "Personal Hotspot"), some tips for other software including DropBox and perhaps even some of the info on Lion on the Apple site.
May 11th Gary Wickham from IBM will be demonstrating IBM Lotus Symphony and IBM Lotus products for Macintosh.

(Depending on time available, Bruce McKay may demonstrate his new iPad2.)

June 8th Steve Jobs and friends will be presenting OS X 10.7 Lion, iOS5 and iCloud
July 13th Andrew will demonstrate a screen sharing utility he is using and Bruce will look as some perhaps not so well known tips, tricks and shortcuts
August 10th Bruce has installed Lion on his MBP, so we can see how it works
September 14th Libre Office, the free alternative
October 12th (AGM) A look at the Event from last Tuesday when iPhone 4, iOS 5, iCloud etc were released
November 9th If Marshall has nothing else, we will look at iOS 5 on iPhone and iPad. There are lots of new features. Perhaps iCloud as well.
December 14th (Pizza!)