Useful Printer Info

Matt O'Donnell gave an excellent presentation at our evening with Epson in November 2003.
These are the links he has provided which contain a wealth of useful information.

Below are Apple KnowledgeBase documents describing how to install and setup
drivers under OSX. The Apple KnowledgeBase is a very useful resource and
very worthwhile "trawling" through this data.

Mac OS X 10.0: Many Third-Party Ink Jet Printer Drivers Are Built In:

Mac OS X 10.1: Many Third-Party Ink Jet Printer Drivers Are Included:

Mac OS X 10.2: Included Ink Jet Printer Drivers:

Mac OS X 10.3: Raster (Inkjet) Printer Drivers Included

Mac OS X: How to Add a Printer to the Printer List:

Mac OS X: How to Change the Default Printer:

Mac OS X: How to Print:

Mac OS X: How to Access Third-Party Ink Jet Printer Utilities:

Mac OS X: Print Center - USB Printer not Listed, or Listed as Unsupported:

Mac OS X 10.3: Setting Up to Print to a USB Printer

Mac OS X: Troubleshooting Print Center:

Mac OS X: Cannot Print or add printer, or Print Center quits unexpectedly

Mac OS X: Troubleshooting Printing Issues

Mac OS X 10.2: "Error 1282" when adding printer to Print Center"

Mac OS X: "No AppleTalk printers are available" message

Below are some of the other links and references we talked about:

1. Colour Management - RGB workflow

These PDFs describe the control of colour in Photoshop. Applies to any of Epson's Stylus Photo series and the large format printers:


OS9 / PS6

Other interesting sites re Photoshop RGB workflow and other issues:
Ian Lyons:
Andrew Rodney site:

2. Books:

Bruce Fraser info and book:
Real World Color Management ISBN 0201773406
This is the bible of Colour Management. Highly recommend this book, but don't buy unless Colour Management is an interest in itself.

Locally produced books re digital photography by Margaret Brown.
Available via newsagent or Fletchers Photographics stores. Or via the web:

Harald Johnson Mastering Digital Printing - ISBN 1929685653
Sample book chapter:
Some funny references to User Groups etc. but a good overall view on digital printing.

3. Lightfastness and print longevity

The lightfastness ratings are based on testing described as per the link below :

Stylus Photo 2100 (ie UltraChrome - Resin coated pigment ink):

Stylus Photo 1290, 890, 915, 935, 810 etc (ie dye based inks)

C63 / C83 (DURABrite - resin coated pigment inks)

Further information can be found at . Highly recommended. There are many articles from the Wilhelm site and you'll probably find them very interesting eg:
Article on Corbis and the archiving of the Bettman collection. Fascinating. The issue of film and print deterioration is not new!