Club Mac CD

for Mac OS 9 or earlier

Useful info and updaters to save you using bandwidth downloading from the web.

Adobe Acrobat Reader

 AcroReader 5.0 PPC Install


Back-up Software






Internet email Applications

 Outlook Express 5.0.3.sea

 Claris Emailer Installer.sea


Ragtime 5 word processor


Internet Browser Applications

 Internet Explorer 5.1.6.smi

 Netscape 4.77 Installer

 Netscape 6.1 Installer.sea

 Netscape 6.2.1 Folder

 Opera 5.0 Installer.PPC

 RealPlayer Installer




StuffIt Software

 StuffIt Lite 6.5 Install

 StuffIt Expander 5.5


Text Editors

 BBEdit Lite 4.6.smi

 Tex-Edit Plus 4.1.2 Installer


InternetAccess-OS8and9 #18A.sea


MRJ Install